Jorge Monlongo is one of the best cartoonists in Spain. He has been nominated for an Eisner and “Autor Revelación” at the Barcelona Comic Con 2016. He combines personal projects like “No me pegues que llevo gafas” with comics for kids like Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Hello Kitty, Cow and Chicken and Mameshibas. He also illustrates children’s books and paints little girls with swords, so we had a lot to talk about.

Little Monster: You have drawn many famous characters like Cow and Chicken, Hello Kitty or the Mameshibas. Which one have you enjoyed the most?

Jorge Monlongo: Drawing “Cow and Chicken” was the most fun, but I enjoyed a lot Hello Kitty because I wrote the scripts and I used ninjas, Cthulhu and postapocalyptic warriors.

Little Monster: We don’t know what to think about Hello Kitty, because since she has not mouth neither eyebrows, it’s hard to know if she’s a nice person. What do you think?

Jorge Monlongo: She’s a little smartass.

Little Monster: What's the most important thing you ever learnt from the Mameshibas?

Jorge Monlongo: I learnt that a hippo’s sweat is pink.

Little Monster: Have you ever self-censored because some of your drawings were too cute?

Jorge Monlongo: Nothing can be too cute.

Little Monster: Since you have worked in series from Japan, do you understand now japanese people better, or worst?

Jorge Monlongo: Now I think they are less weird.

Little Monster: We know that you like Heavy Metal, Which band has the coolest mascot? And the cheesiest one?

Jorge Monlongo: I like the metallic monsters of Judas Priest and Motorhead. And the Misfits’ skull. I think Eddie is kind of cheesy.

Little Monster: Have you ever bought a candy just for the prize?

Jorge Monlongo: I bought Phoskitos just because it came with Ulises 31 stuff.

Little Monster: Who’s your favorite Dragon ball character?

Jorge Monlongo: Yajirobe.

Little Monster: We love your paintings of little girls with attitude. Who’s your favorite feminine character?

Jorge Monlongo: Marceline. Although sometimes she’s too “cool”.

Little Monster: Are you working on a new project already?

Jorge Monlongo: I’m working on a cool illustrated book about sword & sorcery .

Visit the Monlongo's tumblr to see some of his work: